About Us

Kelham Print is a female owned printed clothing and accessories brand based in Sheffield. Our small
business was launched from our tiny flat in cool Kelham Island, by me, Nicola. I come from a
background in designing fashion for the high street and I believe that your clothes should be fun,
bold and impulsive so here at Kelham Print we love to keep up with what’s happening in Pop Culture
for new inspiration.

In August 2018 Kelham Print we moved house (and studio!) to nearby Crookes, where we continue to
design and hand print all of our designs. We have no seasonality and launch collections on a weekly
basis, and last but not least, everything we sell is hand-produced to order, so virtually no waste
(yay!). ​

Would love to know more? Just drop us an e-mail: hello@kelhamprint.co.uk