Subscription FAQ's

When will I be billed for my subscription?
For new subscriptions, your credit or debit card will be billed immediately, and you will receive the next bi-monthly T-Shirt. All future charges will occur on the 28th of the month previous to receiving your subscription (Please see below table)

Subscription Timetable

Subscription Cut-Off for Sign-Up/Billing Date  Shipping Date
January 28th December 4/5/6th January
March 28th February 1/2/3rd March
May 28th April 1/2/3rd May
July 28th June 1/2/3rd July
September 28th August 1/2/3rd September
November 28th October 1/2/3rd November

For example; If you sign up on the 23rd December, you will be billed immediately for the January box, your first box will arrive on the 4/5/6th January and then your next bill will be on the 28th February, for shipment of the March box on the 1/2/3rd March.

When will I receive my first Letterbox T-Shirt?
All T-Shirts will be shipped via 1st Class Royal Mail post during the first three days of the subscription month (as listed in the above chart, except in January, where the letterbox will be delayed by a few days for the Christmas Break).

What is a recurring Bi-Monthly Subscription?
A Bi-Monthly commitment means that you are signing up to receive our new and exclusive T-Shirt every 2 months (see above table for dates).

What is a 6-month subscription?
Our 6 month subscription is  pre-paid 6 month subscription (3 x T-Shirt drops) which would make a perfect surprise gift for a loved  one or if you'd prefer to pay-up front. This option will be billed in its entirety at the time of subscription and cannot be cancelled. However, amendments such as change of address etc can be made through your subscriber account or by contacting us here or at

Can I amend or cancel my Bi-Monthly subscription?
A Bi-Monthly commitment means that you are signing up to receive our new and exclusive T-Shirt every 2 months. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any-time, however, if you do not wish to receive your next T-Shirt, you must make sure that you cancel your subscription 1 working day before your billing date. Should you wish to cancel your subscription after your billing date but before the shipping date a cancellation charge of £5 will be charged.

Please check the e-mail that you received from us upon subscribing. From there you'll find a link to pause, cancel or change payment methods or addresses. Didn't receive an e-mail? Check your Spam/Junk folders, they sometimes get lost in there!

Do you ship Subscription Boxes Internationally?
At this time, unfortunately we will not be shipping subscription boxes internationally. 

Who do I contact for press/collaboration opportunities?
Please contact us at for all press/collaboration opportunities.

Is VAT applied to my purchase?
Yes, all prices stated include VAT charged at 20% - UK VAT Registered Number: 319 6217 96

Still need help? Contact us at