Studio News - April Update

We're almost at the end of April, so I thought I had better update the latest studio news!

It's been a strange month, spent mainly attempting to get used to the new normal, I must say I don't think I'm quite 100% there yet. Whilst it's been challenging (our suppliers still aren't open so we are running on low-stocks) there has been a few highs!

We held our first ever Sunday Market, which meant me talking to you guys via Instagram Stories for the first time ever, (daunting to say the least) but I was so overwhelmed by the response I received. The whole market almost sold out of ready-to-ship stock. As a huge thank you to everybody for the continued support during these crazy times I've decided to keep the FREE SHIPPING offer going for the foreseeable. Just enter the code SENDNOODZ at the checkout :)

Last week we launched a new Limited Edition tee! 🌻 A few of my family and friends had been planting sunflower seeds in their pots and gardens and it got me thinking how I could spread some of this joy further afield, so with every T-Shirt or Sweater in the Sunflower design you'll receive a packet of sunflower seeds and instructions on how to grow your own! There’ll be 50 available in total and you can choose which colour Tee and flower you’d like. Wouldn’t it be great to see them all in full bloom in a few months time!?

On the flip side, it's not all been sunshine, rainbows and gardening. This was also the month that we have had to postpone our upcoming wedding, so theres been a lot of stress eating and binge-watching; a lot less productivity and a lot more time spent on Tik-Tok and Tiger King, come on, you know you want to channel your inner Carole Baskin (minus the whole murdered husband situ!)....

And that pretty much rounds up this month! I'd love to hear how you've all been coping?! Bine watching Tiger King too? Come visit me on Instagram and share your strategies with me!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Be Kind 💖

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