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With less than two weeks to go, Mother’s Day can be a tricky occasion to buy for. Whoever that motherly figure may be in your life, it’s important to find the right gift for them. You might have seen a couple of new releases on Instagram that I’ve made especially for Mother’s Day, which you will see featured further down. This is the one day of the year we get to say thank you and appreciate everything our mums/aunts/sisters/nans/mum-friends do for us and their families.

There’s nothing more special than spoiling the mum figure in your life, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to it! We also love a gift guide so hopefully this will help you to decide on a present for that special lady in your life.

For those who love gardening

With spring very nearly here, many of us are starting to get back into the garden. If your mum basically lives in the garden during the spring and summer, get her a gift that she can use there! She’ll want to keep her outfit clean so why not buy her a personalised apron to wear in her favourite colours? Choose from black or dark grey for the apron itself and then choose which colour suits her best. A favourite of mine is the lilac print on the dark grey apron (it just screams springtime)! You could even buy her a slogan T-shirt or sweatshirt to go with it. The ‘the grass is always greener where you water it’ collection is perfect for any gardening mum. She can even store her supplies in a matching tote bag!

A black tote bag with a floral design that reads The Grass Is Always Greener Where You Water It

 For the Super Wo-mum

Mums are all superheroes to me but this year, I thought I’d let you all share that appreciation too! The new Super Wo-mum sweatshirt is designed for any mum in your life who goes above and beyond all the time. We’re sure that she’ll love a gesture of your love for her with this jumper. She can wear it on busy days and feel like it’s her costume or coat of armour! It’ll look just as great dressed down with jeans and sneakers as it will do with a dressy skirt and boots!

Pink sweater with the text Super Womum printed on the chest

For the ones who Love to Bake/Cook

We’re not saying that women should be in the kitchen at all but many of you have a passion for cooking and baking, especially thanks to lockdown boredom! You might even like baking alongside your mum or perhaps your kids do. That’s the perfect opportunity to buy her a brand new apron for the kitchen. Show everyone whose mum is the queen with our Queen of Mums apron, which you can personalise with yours or your siblings birth years. You could even pop on a message on our Best Mum Ever style so she can show off your gift to her friends!

It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day for lots of us without a proper roast dinner either. If your mum usually handles the cooking duties but you’re letting her sit back for the day, how about gifting her a Yorkshire Pudding shopping list tote bag? Even better if she’s shared her own amazing recipe with you!

For the Handbag Collectors

I don’t know about you but I’m loving how stylish lots of mums are. They’re all about dressing for themselves and they always have the most stylish accessories too. I’m always fascinated by people’s bag collections (it tells you a lot about a person, like shoe collections do) and they always seem so organised too. Inside their bags can be a different story though. Give them a helping hand by giving them the gift of cosmetic bags. We’ve expanded our range recently so there are lots of designs to choose from. For Mother’s Day, we love our completely personalised pouches as you can write a message on the front and back of those. Alternatively, our ‘store anything and everything’ selection can hold anything from headphones, snacks, tiny items and stuff that ends up at the bottom of your bag! Everything will now have its place in there!

An image of three Zip Up Pouches in varying sizes

For the Best Friend Ones

Lots of us consider our mums or mum figures our best friends. We can tell them literally anything and we know they’ll keep it a secret. You create your own Girl Gang and we’re here to celebrate that! Did you know that to make it official, you must have matching clothes? Grab yourself a Girl Gang T-shirt or sweatshirt to become a member. We’re also here for strong females at any age so we adore our kids versions too! You can get these items for any female in your life, from your mum to your best friends and every woman in between!

Sky Blue Girl Gang T-Shirt

For the One that Has it All

Sometimes it can be a struggle to think of a gift for Mother’s Day. That’s why I’ve created a bundle especially for the occasion. Featuring a sweatshirt, T-shirt and cosmetic bag, you’re covered for the mum who has it all! Each item is personalised so you can choose the colour swatches and messages you’d like and we’re sure that they’ll love it all.

In case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is on the 27th March so be sure to order any gifts as soon as possible. If you’ve ordered before, my items are always wrapped in tissue paper so feel free to save yourself some time and leave the tissue paper intact! Now let’s celebrate all those amazing women we have in our lives!

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