How to make habits (not resolutions) and stick to them!

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Now we’re well into January, who’s given up on their resolutions already? I haven’t this year because I didn’t make any! It seems unusual for me but after the past couple of years, I wanted to just take it a day at a time. Of course, I have a couple of goals for the shop this year but I want to focus more on getting into a routine and forming better habits.

I don’t know about you but January seems to be a struggle more than ever in 2022. Following two years of lockdowns, people in the online world seem to be very focused on achieving all the things this year. How about we just take it slow and embrace that? This year, I’ve decided to focus on incorporating smaller habits into my daily routine that might seem super small for most people but get you back on track. This fed into my thoughts on my new collection and I realised they could go hand in hand!

If you’re keeping it low key this January too, let’s make some habits together and concentrate on celebrating getting through the day. Here’s how I'm working on my habits daily and how to stick to them!

Start Small

Whilst resolutions are a year-end goal, habits are a day by day focus. What can you do today to make yourself feel better or to improve for tomorrow? Whether it’s journaling before bed every night, reading for 10 minutes a day or planning your day the night before, these tasks take just a few minutes to complete and give you a clearer mind! Focusing on smaller changes means you can build them into a routine too. Maybe all three examples above are the perfect way to wind down before bed along with stopping scrolling in an evening? Set yourself an alarm and put your phone away!

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Find Something to Track

I love an app or a paper planner and what better way to start a habit than to be able to track it? It’s like an adult version of a sticker chart that you had as a kid. If that worked for you then, there’s no judgement if you want to try it again! You can download habit tracker apps or set up a page in your bullet journal to track whatever habits you want to make. The main one for me this year is to drink more water so I’ve got the Waterdrop app to not only help me track my water intake but to remind me to drink!

Get Yourself an Accountability Buddy

It might sound cliche but when you tell someone your plans, it helps to keep you accountable. It might be your mum, your partner, your best friend, your sister, some random person on the internet; whoever it is, choose wisely. Make sure you’re working on similar habits so you can share your wins (and losses) and give each other a boost. 

Don’t Make a Huge Lifestyle Change Overnight

All that New Year, New Me stuff can get a bit overwhelming but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a better version of yourself. However, you’re not going to instantly change everything overnight. In fact, it’s usually unsustainable and we end up giving up much quicker. Think about one thing you can change and start from there. I always try to buy a tonne of fruit and veg in my weekly food shop and add them into more meals. Chuck a few bits of fruit into a blender for a smoothie or throw extra veg into a curry or stir fry.

Take it Easy

Slowing down is a habit we could all get on board with, right? Whilst there’s no point in making lots of resolutions, the same goes for habits too. Start with a couple and add on when you feel ready to. Habit stacking is a practical way to get into a routine without too much effort. Let’s take an evening routine, for example. Putting your phone away at 9.30pm and picking up a book to read before bed is habit stacking. Once you’ve done that for a couple of weeks, you can add another habit, such as getting an earlier night or writing in a journal. Before you know it, you have a full evening routine! Now if only I could be quite as organised in a morning…

Celebrate All Wins

Small wins are still wins so if you complete a habit every day for a week, treat yourself! It might be a trip to a new, local coffee shop (unless you’re trying to reduce your takeaway coffee consumption) or getting your nails done. You might even want to buy a new T-shirt or sweatshirt to share your wins with the world (hint, hint). Maybe making social plans once a month is a habit for you in 2022 after having two years of cancellations? You’re completing a habit and celebrating at the same time! Brunch more is certainly a habit that I can get involved with!

Just Keep Going

Or swimming, as Dory says! Even if you miss a day or several, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Get back on it tomorrow or on Monday or next month. We all have off-days/weeks/months so accept that and start again whenever you're ready. Feel those feelings, take a breath and have a rethink if you need to. Habits can be changed at any time and whilst it might have worked for you in the past, it’s not forced to now. Figure out what you need more of right now and know your power to live the life you want to, not what others tell you it should be!

This new collection is something I‘ve wanted to do for a while as the pressure of making the perfect New Year’s resolutions is a lot to handle, especially this year.  Learning how to make habits and stick to them is a learning process though. Making smaller, more attainable habits is more motivating and think of all those small wins along the way! Any excuse for me to buy myself a cake or a glass (read:bottle) of prosecco!

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