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Over the last few months I've been working on a merchandise collection with Neil Anderson, Author of the Dirty Stop Out Guides; a collection of books that are designed to take you on a journey back to the Sheffield music scene of yesteryear. So I'm very excited to announce that this Friday, 22nd May, will see some of the city’s most iconic nightclubs of recent decades re-born as the new must-haves of lockdown fashion.

Being from Sheffield, I still hear tales from my parents about the nightclub scene of their youth, so delving further into the books and retro iconic imagery of the popular haunts of Sheffield was a great starting point to develop a collection that will hopefully bring back some wonderful memories for Sheffield club goers past.

Here's a little sneak peek; I wonder how many of you will recognise this iconic sign? Whilst I'm a bit young to remember the original, I have fond memories of the Friday night 'Propaganda' club night in the same building!

Neil said: “I was chatting to a friend last week who was wondering what to do about Father’s Day. She was worried that she wouldn’t get to see her dad – a former King Mojo-goer - and wouldn’t be able to find a suitable present. I suddenly realised we might have the answer as all our merchandise is designed and made in Sheffield and we can deliver straight to the door.

We had originally planned a big launch party but of course we’re now launching the clothing live online from 9am this Friday, May 22nd.

“You might not be able to be a Dirty Stop Out but at least you can look good as a Dirty Stop in!”

You can shop the collection at www.dirtystopouts.com

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